Things I Love

She Reads (For Men:    She Reads Truth is a daily Bible study app for women seeking a community of other women who love the Lord. There are a variety of daily reading plans and at the end of each day there is a communication forum to talk about what you read. Often I have found I have learned as much or more from many of the discussions than the actual lesson, because other women give a different perspective on the text. Some of my favorite plans are the Hymns plans. They supply biblical explanations of what the words to many popular and classic hymns really mean, and since I am a very musically focused person I really love gaining that perspective on the music I sing all the time.

Student Leadership University: SLU has made a huge impact in my life. I have been on both SLU 101 and 201 and both of them were incredible. SLU is a leadership conference for “the next generation” that teaches that “Leadership begins at the feet of Jesus.”

On 101 we went to Orlando and conferences were held at Sea World and we also visited Orlando Studios. We learned how to think, believe, and dream. (101 was the conference when I decided I want to pursue Spoken Word because I was encouraged to pursue anything I want to do.) If you are a student looking for something to do during the summer to build your faith I 100% recommend you go to 101. It will change your life.

On 201 we went to Washington D.C. and we toured tons of the monuments and learned why America is great. People in our group got to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and we heard lessons from Christian members of congress and event the U.S, Senate Chaplain. At this conference we learn how to active and productive citizens and catalysts for change in the U.S. 201 completely changed my perspective on how our country is run and gave me a lot of hope for the future of the U.S.

YouVersion Bible I use this Bible app at least on a weekly basis. I use it for all my notes in church, and I have have shared with people at my church that if they missed a lesson the notes will almost always be up for them to see. I also use this for daily Bible studies, because they have some awesome plans. I love all the features such as highlighting, images, and notes. They help me remember what I think is important or just verses I really love. I also like being able to see what my friends are studying and highlighting. Their verse of the day widget is really nice, because you see a verse every time you go to your home screen, and it helps you remember the word throughout the day. If you every would like to see what I’m studying or what lessons have inspired my spoken words my profile is @fudfud (weird right? don’t ask) or just search for Jess Helms.

*If you would like, please let me know some thing you recommend down in the replies and I will be sure to check them out.

*I don’t own any of the images used



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