New Beginnings: Trust and Belief Reboot

Oh my goodness gracious it has been such a long time. I’m sure you all thought I had forgotten about Trust and Belief, but I hadn’t.  I have huge plans for the brand and I can’t wait to begin revealing all the plans to y’all.  I definitely needed to take a break to decide what direction I wanted to head in.  I was still posting on my instagram and twitter just so you would all know that I was still here, but even that became difficult because I have been so busy.  I went on a bunch of trips this summer (stories coming soon),  got a job, and I just don’t know where all my time went.  I’m a high school senior now and this year has and is going to be the busiest of my life.  I felt terrible when I stopped posting consistently, but like I said,  I think it was for the best.  Now, it is October and I thought the best time to relaunch would be a year after I began this whole journey.  I’m ready to make all of this my priority again and begin creating new content that I am proud of and that I genuinely love.

So, I wanted to talk about what changes may be coming to this blog first and then I will talk about my videos. Not much will be changing here. I changed up the color scheme of the site and I updated the Who I Am Page, but the blog posts will pretty much stay the same. I still love my logo and branding so nothing is different. The blog posts are also going to be more story geared posts rather than lessons I’m trying to teach. I think the best way to share Christ is through personal testimonies. The biggest difference is that my posts are going to more consistent.

The biggest changes are coming to the type of videos I produce.  My content is going to be totally different than Spoken Word Poetry.  This doesn’t mean I hate spoken word poetry or that I will never do it again, but I had gotten bored and run out of poem ideas.  I want to be creating sit-down videos where I get to talk and connect with people.  While I’ve been taking a break I’ve been working a lot to be able to purchase some things that will make my videos better like a backdrop, ring light, DLSR camera, and some other cool equipment. There has definitely been a learning curve with the new camera, but I know I will get better as time goes on and I learn more about it.  Obviously these things aren’t required to make a good video, but I want my production quality to be as high as possible. My room is actually in the process of  being redone as well and I’m adding a bunch of awesome little filming areas.

I’m most excited about the new videos I will be making. I’ve created a new intro that I absolutely love! I’m going to be starting a 5 part series called “Getting to Know Me“.  I want to start with these videos because no one wants to watch someone’s videos or read their blog when they know nothing about them. This is the first of this series and it will be followed by My Testimony, What Happened on Beach Week (My Baptism Story), My SLU Experience, My Dreams, and it will end with a Room Tour Video when my room is finished. After these 5 videos I’m going to play around with the type of videos I create. I know I want to share my Bible Study Routine, talk about my anxiety, give some book recommendations, and do some story times.  I also want to create some videos with my friends and cover my favorite songs.  I’ve been in contact with several licensing companies so that I’ll be creating my music legally. Each video will have a blog post with it just like usual so if you’re more into reading than watching you can just come here.

I’m trying to promise consistency.  I really am.  I also am a high school senior with a job and a lot of college stuff happening.  I love creating new things and I feel very empty when I don’t work on the things I love.  I love all of you who read this blog and/or watch my videos and I want to create things you will enjoy.  I can’t wait to show you everything  I’m creating and all of my dreams for the future.  Be sure to let me know what you think about the reboot and what you would like for me to create in the future.

I can’t wait to talk to you all super soon!


John 15:13 : “Greater love has none than this; to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”





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